Joining the sixth form


Tavistock College welcomes both internal and external applicants to join the sixth form.

Students who are currently enrolled in Tavistock College school will be given opportunities throughout Year 11 to learn more about sixth form and how to enroll. We operate face to face interviews with every Year 11 student to establish their future goals and ambitions to determine if sixth form is the right choice for them. Studying A-Levels in sixth form is a stepping stone to higher education, apprenticeships and the work place. Students will gain a wide range of skills and expand their knowledge base on their chosen subjects.

We encourage external candidates to get in touch with the sixth form team as soon as possible. We will then arrange a phone conversation or visit to the College to showcase the sixth form experience at Tavistock College. External candidates will need to complete Devon County Council admissions form (S11) as well as the Sixth Form application form. Please find these at the bottom of this page.

frequently asked questions

What is the application deadline?

The application deadline for joining sixth form in September 2022 is the 31st January 2022.

Can I change my options after I have submitted the form?

YES! You can change your subject choices after you have submitted your application. After GCSE results day in the summer you will have the opportunity to re-evaluate your choices in line with your results.

What happens if I do not meet the entry requirements?

If you do not meet the entry requirements on your desired subjects, the sixth form team will discuss your options with you. We will look at your future goals and try to establish the best fit subjects in line with your results to allow you to achieve this.

How many subjects do I need to take?

You will need to take three subjects, this can be a combination of A Levels/BTEC subjects. Some students choose to take four subjects, this can be very challenging so we advise you speak to a member of the sixth form team before making this decision.

Why do A Levels or BTEC courses?

A level and BTEC courses are nationally recognised qualifications and if you wish to study in higher education you will require these.

2022-2024 Option Blocks


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2022-2024 Option Blocks

2022-24 Option Blocks

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