Personal finances should not be a barrier to education and the post 16 bursary is available for students whose yearly household income is less than twenty-five thousand pounds. The bursary can help to pay for books, essential course materials as well as educational trips and visits. We can also make discretionary payments to students suffering hardship during their course. Any eligible student can apply for support from the bursary fund.

BURSARY Information

The college is allocated a Bursary Fund to provide financial support for those students most in need in order to support them with their education. There are two types of award available for students who meet the stated criteria.

● Guaranteed Bursary

Young people in care, care leavers or young people in direct receipt of Income Support, Universal Credit, Disability Living Allowance, Employment Support Allowance or Personal Independence Payment will be eligible to receive a bursary of £1200 a year, paid directly to the student in three termly instalments.

● Discretionary Award

The Discretionary Award supports students eligible for Free School Meals, or from families with a household income of less than £25,000 per annum. Proof of household income, such as a recent P60 or evidence of being in receipt of benefits will need to be provided. Please note that we will need to take photocopies of original documents, and that all applications and documents will be treated confidentially. Any student eligible for Free School Meals will qualify for a Discretionary Award without the need for financial evidence.

Application Process

Students who are eligible for the Guaranteed Bursary and students who are in receipt of Free School Meals and therefore eligible for the Discretionary Award will be informed at the start of each academic year. Other students who qualify for the Discretionary Award or feel that there is a genuine circumstance as to why you would need to access support from the bursary fund, then an application should be made to the Director of Sixth form using the 16-19 Bursary application form.

To maximise your chances of being allocated bursary funding we recommend that all applications are received during the first week of College and returned to the Sixth Form Administrator (with the exception of Devon County Council transport applications which should be processed according to their deadlines). Applications received after this date will still be considered but note that funds are limited and will be allocated based on initial applications. Additional requests for one-off items may be considered during the year on an ad-hoc basis if funds allow. Should you require a form by email, please contact either t.allen@tavistockcollege.org

The Bursary can be claimed for anything deemed necessary for a students education eg: Bus travel, Text books, Stationary, Studio fees, Course specific clothing, Materials for practical subjects, Travel to University open days, LAMDA courses and exams.

The College reserves the right to turn down an application if a student does not fulfil the criteria for attendance, behaviour and standards of effort etc. as set out within the Learning Agreement signed when joining the Sixth Form The College also reserves the right to withhold all or part of any agreed payment if a student fails to meet the criteria set out within the Learning Agreement.

Payment Process

The method of payment will be made at the discretion of the College. Where possible the College will purchase the required item direct on behalf of the student. However when covering the costs of items such as public travel, or visits to university open days etc, then the College will reimburse the student/parent direct. We will require clear evidence of purchase, such as till receipts or confirmation of ticket booking emails etc.


Appeals regarding the notification of awarded bursaries or the withholding of support should be made in writing to the Director of Sixth Form. Upon receipt of this, an appointment will be made for the student to discuss their appeal. If this appeal is not upheld, then the student has the right to a final appeal that will be held by the Principal and a member of the governing body. The outcome of this appeal is final.

As this is public money any attempts to claim a bursary fraudulently will be referred to the Police. Where fraud is proven to have occurred all payments will be reclaimed and the student’s place at college will be withdrawn.

2022_23 Bursary Application Form.pdf

2022-23 bursary application form

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account details form