Venice 2022

Venice was a wonder as ever, 'La Serenissimo'  (Most Serene) 20 students in year 12 and 13 enjoyed fabulous weather, art, food and culture in a packed busy weekend. Thank you all for your being such a fantastic group of students.

Profesore Galli


by Chloe Dean

Accompanied by fantastic teachers Mr. Galli, Mrs. Wyatt and Mrs. Stephens, 20 sixth form students at Tavistock College were recently lucky enough to experience the beautiful and artistic city of Venice, which is probably most well-known for its outstanding canals, grand architecture, and winding streets over stunning bridges. It is perhaps the most picturesque city in Italy. Students flew from Gatwick to Italy’s Marco Polo airport on an early flight with the goal to “broaden students horizons through art, culture and to develop their existing knowledge and abilities through first-hand experience,” stated Mr. Galli in a letter to parents/carers. Once they had arrived, Teachers and students made their way to their accommodation via a Vaporetto and a scenic walk through the sinuous streets. Throughout their trip, Tavistock College students immersed themselves in current cultures and new experiences. Students had independent time to explore the city so they could learn and see what they wanted from Venice. The students spent this time exploring their surroundings, buying beautiful souvenirs from authentic street markets, and learning about the history of Venice and famous artists. Students collectively toured St. Mark's square in the late evening, Peggy Guggenheim’s art collection, Marlene Dumas’ exhibition, and the isle of Murano (an alluring island set a boat ride away from Venezia which is infamous for its high-quality glass production). The diverse opportunities available to students made the trip a high-quality and interesting experience for all who were involved. Through exploring a variety of galleries and independent exploration and a lot of photos and pizza, every student expressed their appreciation and admiration of the trip and the teachers who made it possible. One student, who had previously never been abroad, described the experience as “unimaginable” and how they were “very lucky to be able to go to such an amazing place”. Another student, said, “the trip gave me more insight into a variety of artists and how they think and create in different ways across different backgrounds. I also really liked seeing all the old buildings and the history of Venice. I would definitely go back one day!” The trip proved to be a momentous experience and one they would never forget. Everybody would like to say a huge thank you to the staff who made the trip memorable and possible. The visit would not have been possible without them, so thank you, Mr. Galli, Mrs. Wyatt, and Mrs. Stephens!