We are a caring sixth form in an ever complicated world. We have an experienced pastoral team to mentor, support and encourage students with their personal development as well as their study. It is important to maintain a robust personal, social and mental health programs covering subjects relating to young adults, but encourage students to keep a Record of Personal Development to ensure they have ownership of their progress in College.

pshe Program

Tavistock College Sixth Form Personal Development Programme 

At Tavistock College Sixth Form we pride ourselves on ensuring every student progresses both academically and socially. Therefore, our Personal Development Programme has an important role to play in a young adult’s life; in terms of pastoral support and educating them about our college and ethical values, the British values, SMSC, and careers education which will enable students to become well rounded and successful individuals, now and in the future. 


● To create and maintain a point of personal contact with every student. 

● To create and maintain a point of contact with parents. 

● To monitor, provide support, and maintain high standards and expectations of Sixth Form students. 

● Ensure smooth transition into Sixth Form and progression onto post 18 destinations. ● To support teachers to monitor student progress, alongside their physical and mental health and well being. 

● Deliver a high quality PSHE programme that shares awareness and knowledge of Cooperative Values, British values, and the SMSC Golden Threads, through regular assemblies and collapsed curriculum days. 

The personal development programme takes into account the needs of young adults and their growing independence. PSHE is delivered through assemblies and thematic collapsed curriculum days on a termly basis in order to ensure these threads are delivered to every student. 

For example a theme may be ‘Personal Health and Wellbeing’ which would cover the Statutory requirements of relationship and sex education appropriate for post 16 students. This approach ensures that messages given in assemblies are built on and reinforced and students can see the values and ethos that we believe is fundamental to Tavistock College being brought to life. 

The Sixth form team are responsible for the planning and delivery of quality first pastoral care and support and play a key role alongside SLT in monitoring the quality of pastoral provision and support for specific mentor where needed. 


All students will have one weekly mentoring session, arranged to be mutually convenient for both student and mentor, this will be arranged in the first week of term. During the first half term of Year 12, all students will spend their registration periods with their mentor to develop relationships and establish rapport. During the first week of Year 13, all students will spend their

registration periods with their Mentor to re-establish mentoring sessions in light of their new timetables. 

Mentoring session priorities. 

● Check-in to initially establish general well being and mental health of students - triage any immediate concerns that need addressing. 

● Attendance: Have realistic, challenging conversations about individual attendance data. ● Review latest subject data and set targets on Record of Personal Development. Can then be used to review previously set targets, holding students accountable for their progress. ● Goal setting: Helping students work out their long term goals, up to and beyond graduation. 

● Calendar specific: Work experience/UCAS. 

Sixth Form team to mentor targeted students on a weekly basis with an additional timetable (Director, Deputy, Assistant, Academic mentor.) In addition to Sixth Form team involvement, students who are underperforming can be instructed to attend morning registration for further support. This will be in consultation with the student and their mentor. 

Students will be encouraged and made welcome into college at morning registration. The Octagon common room and study areas will be available. The Octagon Cafe will be open to serve breakfast when appropriate. Students may choose to go to their mentors room if they would like. 


All sixth form students must attend one year group assembly each week.


Excellent communication between all parties is an expectation. Mentors will communicate via email, Google Classroom and via parents where necessary. 


Attendance figures will be taken from lesson monitor and therefore current protocols regarding taking of registers will remain in place but will require greater scrutiny from Director of sixth form

and Heads of Faculty. Students should be issued with a scannable ID card to be able to sign in and out of college, when they do not have a lesson. (Biometric fingerprint as an alternative)